How a Mother's Love Shaped the Destiny of a Nation

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Happy Mother's Day to all!

In the wonder of creation, God shared His divine characteristics with mothers, embedding in them qualities such as wisdom, love, and judgment—mirroring His own essence.

Today, let's reflect on a special mother from the Bible, whose faith and courage were monumental in shaping history.

In the Scriptures, God speaks highly of a man who was "more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth" and "faithful in all my house" (Numbers 12:3, 7). This man, Moses, was a remarkable leader, saviour, and mediator for the Israelites, leading them out of Egyptian bondage and toward freedom. He is revered as the "Father of Law," and his life and mission prefigure Jesus Christ in many ways.

Now, who was the mother behind this great figure?

Jochebed, a daughter of Levi, married a Levite man named Amram. Together, they were the parents of Aaron, Moses, and Miriam (Numbers 26:59). Born in 1571 BC, during the reign of Ramses II, Moses came into a world where the Pharaoh feared the growing number of Israelites and ruthlessly oppressed them (Exodus 1:9-12). In a cruel decree, he commanded that every Hebrew boy be thrown into the Nile River (Exodus 1:22).

Despite the terror of the times, Jochebed gave birth to Moses and saw that he was a beautiful child. Refusing to obey the Pharaoh's order, she devised a plan to save her son. Jochebed was not just protective; she was daringly adventurous in her love.

Jochebed crafted a papyrus basket, sealed it with tar and pitch, and placed Moses inside. She then hid the basket among the reeds on the Nile's bank, where the Pharaoh's daughter bathed. Jochebed strategically placed her daughter Miriam nearby to watch over him.

Indeed, the Pharaoh's daughter discovered the baby and, moved by compassion, decided to adopt him. Miriam cleverly suggested that Jochebed be the one to nurse and care for the child, allowing her to raise Moses with the knowledge of his heritage and the vision of his people's liberation.

Jochebed's influence on Moses was profound. He grew up with the teachings and faith she instilled in him, which guided him throughout his life to lead his people to freedom.

Jochebed's actions exemplify the biblical wisdom, "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it" (Proverbs 22:6). Her story teaches us the power of a mother's love and the impact of nurturing our children in faith, prayer, and the knowledge of God.

Every mother has the potential to shape her children's destiny, much like Jochebed did, by placing them in the 'basket' of the Church, coating it with the 'tar and pitch' of prayer and worship, and nurturing them with the 'milk' of God’s word.

May this Mother's Day inspire you to embrace the divine qualities entrusted to you, nurturing and guiding the next generation towards a promising future.

God bless you all!

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