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We are going with the Joseph series where we finished learning about his life in Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 

Now we will learn about his more exciting life events 

Let’s quickly check a few verses from

In the above verses Joseph's brothers bowed down before Joseph and it was his vision that God showed to him when he was young (Genesis 37:7)

It's his vision come true which God has shown him

Because of this, his brothers started having grudge against Joseph

God showed this vision to Joseph when he was just 17 years old lad

The one who promised is the trustworthy one 

Currently, Joseph's age might be around 39 years

To fulfil this vision it took about 22 years

The cupbearer's dream came true in just 3 days

Even King Pharaoh's dreams came true 

Even Joseph's dream is coming true    


Now Joseph is remembering the dreams he had about them

Joseph had a loving character 

After he became a leader Joseph did not try to take revenge on Potiphar or his wife who made him go to jail

When his brothers came Joseph recognized his brothers

As his brothers did not recognise him, he started interrogating them😄

When he started behaving strictly he observed their confession 

But his brothers did not realise that Joseph could understand what they are talking about 

He turned away from them and began to weep (Genesis 42:24)

Joseph has a very sensitive heart and is very kind at heart

When he sent them with provisions and grains he asked to get his brother on their next visit

These days if we are giving bail to a person we give it with a condition as we can see that condition was implemented in those days too

Giving food to his brothers, and getting his brother Benjamin 

Later Joseph revealed himself before his brothers (Genesis 45:4,5)

He told his brothers that he is his brother whom they sold out to Egypt and told them not to piss themselves because it was God who sent him before them to save lives 

Joseph is telling them that God made him as 
  1. A father to the Pharaoh
  2. Lord of his entire household
  3. Ruler of all Egypt
Genesis 45:9-11

Joseph sent word to his father telling him to come back to him without any delay as God made him lord of all of Egypt

He will live in Goshen near Joseph with all his children and grandchildren and flocks and herds he owns

Joseph will provide him as the famine is gonna last for five more years

Joseph loaded grain, bread and other provisions that is required for his father's journey

Before sending his brothers to his father he told them not to quarrel

Joseph has such a good heart that he did not share the troubles he faced when he came as a slave, his jail life nothing he shared 

He did not hold any grudge against his brothers

He did not punish them for what they did to him

Instead, he gave them all the provisions they require and give them the best land for them to stay 

My dear Amigos, let us also not hold grudges against anyone but show the love and kindness that Joseph showered upon his brothers and spread the love of Christ❤️

Let's soon learn what would be Joseph's father's reaction and what happens after he comes to Egypt

So wait patiently and hold us in your prayers to drop in part -7 the last part of the Joseph series 


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