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In our last blog, we learnt about Joseph's life let's have a recap of our previous blogs

We learnt how Joseph's cruel brothers were mean to him and sold him to Egyptians 

We learnt how God's grace was upon Joseph that his master was blessed and his household was blessed because of Joseph that he became an in charge of the Egyptian household 

Now in Part-3 let's learn what are the further challenges that Joseph meets with so let's dig in

Joseph was well-built and handsome;

Joseph's mother Rachel had a lovely figure and was beautiful;

Joseph's grandmother Rebecca was also very beautiful;

Not just them but Joseph's great grandmother (Grandfather’s mother) 

Sarai was also a charming woman.

So basically everyone in Joseph's family is beautiful, and because of their beauty, they had to face the challenges. 

But God was with them in their challenges and helped them come of them and blessed them. (Genesis 39:7-20)

Because of his handsomeness of Joseph, he had to face challenges 

Joseph had to face the challenge because of Potiphar's wife, as Ecclesiastes says it's a trap, like a chain and she seduces him every day.

She troubled him so much but Joseph didn't surrender

Joseph did not give place for evil. He did not accept committing sin with her. Instead of accepting he is running away from her. 

Then she grabbed hold of his coat and screamed loudly, saying that Joseph tried to sleep with her. She lied. 

Do not create the unspoken words;

But here Potiphar's wife is creating a mistake which was not committed 
She was the one who seduced but now she is blaming Joseph 

She is blaming that Joseph came to sleep with her

When Joseph was young as he did not include in the evil deeds of his brothers, they were jealous of him and removed his coat and threw him in the cistern, they used that coat as a witness to show their father by dipping it in sheep's blood.

Now the woman who should treat him as a child instead blamed him that he tried to sleep with her by showing his coat as a witness 

Though Joseph was righteous he was punished by putting him in prison.

Without any proper investigation, he was sent to prison. There’s none to speak on his behalf, no witness, no evidence and of course no bail. Directly he was sent to prison.

Even Jesus Christ was punished though he made no sin. 

Here Joseph has none to rescue so he was sent to prison.

Even Potiphar kept Joseph in prison without even giving him a chance to explain just by believing in his wife’s words. He was not given a chance to prove his innocence as he was sold as a slave among foreigners. So there are none to get him bail. 

People who were blessed because of Joseph only kept him in jail then who else will come to rescue Joseph there?


May the Almighty God who was with Joseph be with us too!


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