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As it's been a long so let's quickly recap

So coming back to our story 

Quickly let us check a few verses

"Lord was with him - He is always with us"

Prison Warden made Joseph in charge of all those he was holding in prison. Because "LORD WAS WITH JOSEPH." 

Usually accused (who are put in jail) will not be treated well; 

The Prison warden uses them for cleaning, cooking, gardening and other work.

They conduct medical camps and present them in court. If anyone gets bail they will release them.

All these responsibilities were given to Joseph now.

If you read Genesis 40:1-23 One day Joseph was doing the warden duties he came across two sad persons.

One is the chief cupbearer and the other is the chief baker, as they offended their master who is the king of Egypt, Pharaoh they were put in custody in the house of the captain of the guard in the same prison where Joseph was confined. 

Joseph found out the reason for their sadness, which were their dreams. 

Joseph heard about their dreams and told them the meaning of their dreams and it happened just like Joseph told them.

Here we can see Joseph is asking for a recommendation 

Humans forget easily after they are benefited just like that even the cupbearer forgets about Joseph Genesis 40:23

There is no human being to help Joseph but Lord is with him. 

Because our God is

He provides us with what we need at appropriate times 

Lord heard Joseph's prayer, and amazingly made Pharaoh dream

Stay tuned to what’s the biggest turning point in Joseph's life

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