Who is this woman, who was made from Man's rib?

From who's rib she was made?

What is her name?

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So let's open our Bible to 

God made Adam fall into a deep sleep and took his rib.

This is the first surgery God has done.

To perform surgery first we give anaesthesia to the patient. Even God made Adam fall into a deep sleep.

God has closed up space with flesh which is like plastic surgery.

In beginning, God used sedatives and performed surgery, plastic surgery.

Here we can also observe 'Human Cloning,' taking out nuclei and creating into another creature God did this in beginning after all these years now they call it new updated science. 

A woman who was formed from Man's rib was named 'Eve'.

The meaning of Eve is 'Life.'

Satan tempted Eve, How did he tempt her?

Did God really say, "You must not eat from any tree in the garden?" (Genesis 3:1)

God commanded Adam (Genesis 2:17) but Eve replied like the commandment was given to her. (Genesis 3:3)

When the serpent told you'll be like God Eve ate that fruit of that tree and gave it to her husband too. 

Both of them had those fruits, now they knew that they were naked.

God arranged the first court here. He listened to their arguments and gave judgement and gave punishments.

I. For tempting serpent got the first punishment. (Genesis 3:14)

II. Disobeying the commandment is a sin. God gave commandment (Genesis 2:17)

Eve was given punishment for disobeying the commandment and for having those fruits.

Eve was fallen for the serpent's temptation but God has still shown mercy towards her and gave her a promise of salvation. (Genesis 3:15)

And gave her punishment. (Genesis 3:16)


After they were given judgement from God, they were banished from the Garden of Eden and then they had Cain, Hebel, Seth and other sons and daughters.

From first Adam, Eve was taken, she was deceived, cursed.

From that curse, sin and death to give us salvation came the Christ who is second Adam, from Him came the Church.

Paul instructed about busybodies and who goes about from house to house and he also told to speak in the limit. (1 Timothy 5:13)

If Eve would have stayed with Adam she may not fall into the wickedness of Satan, because 

Satan came to tempt Jesus Christ but He did not fall (Matthew 4:1-11)

She was fallen for 3 temptations,

1. Good for food

2. Pleasing to the eye

3. Desirable for gaining wisdom 

(Genesis 3:6)

Satan tempted Jesus Christ with 3 temptations but He won over them.

Through Jesus Christ, we receive the strength to overcome those temptations.

May the blessings of Jesus Christ be upon us all. Amen!

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