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We are going with the Joseph series where we finished learning about his life in Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

We came a long way and finally entered the last part of this Joseph series 

Literally, this is unbelievable news. Because for 27 years he was in grief thinking that Joseph was dead. 

Joseph is the son of Rachel for whom Israel worked around 14 years and loved very much

His dearly loved wife was dead

All these years he believed that her (Rachel's) son was eaten by some wild animal 

Simeon was left in Egypt 

Even Benjamin was taken to Egypt 

When Israel is worried about all these things suddenly now they are claiming that his son whom he thought was dead for over 27 years is still alive and ruling Egypt now 

Like is it even believable?

Not just that when they first went to Egypt they said that the ruler over there was very strict and spoke very seriously with us 

Now they are saying that the strict ruler is Joseph 

How can he believe that?

But when he saw the carts Joseph had sent his spirit revived (GENESIS 45:27)

Israel was convinced that Joseph was still alive so he wanted to see him ASAP

Beersheba means "well of seven" or "well of the oath"

Beersheba is in the southwest direction of Hebron with 28 miles of distance. 

Abraham, Issac and Jacob lived in this very place (GENESIS 21:31; 26:23; 28:10)

In this Beersheba, Jacob offered sacrifices.

In this very place, Jacob was called by God in his vision.

Do not be afraid and go I will make a big family.

I will come with you. 

God promised that I would get you back here.

Jacob had this vision.

The same thing even Joseph got - having visions

We also saw in the previous blogs that he even says the meaning of these visions.

We can see Joseph went to Goshen to meet his father and wept to see his father by throwing his arms around for a long time

Jacob (Joseph's father) was so happy that he saw Joseph and that he was still alive.

Joseph said he would speak to Pharoah that his brothers and his father's household have come to him 

When Pharaoh was told about Joseph's brothers & father he said to settle in the best part of the land and anyone with unique ability put them in charge of Pharaoh's own livestock

Jacob blessed Pharoah (Genesis 47:7;10)

Joseph bought all the land in Egypt for Pharoah, collected all the money, & bought all the livestock and later told that a fifth of the crop that came in belonged to Pharaoh (Genesis 47: 13-24)

He is the one who started this tax system

Jacob was telling Joseph where he buried his mom (Rachel - Jacob's wife; Joseph's mom)

Rachel was buried beside the road to Ephrath

Later Jacob blessed Joseph (Genesis 49:22-26)

The meaning of Joseph is a fruitful vine near a spring 

Jacob's sons buried him in the cave in the field of Machpelah, near Mamre as he commanded them to do (Genesis 50:13)

Later Joseph's brothers were afraid that Joseph may hold a grudge against them but Joseph said you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (Genesis 50:15-20)

He even assured his brothers that he would provide for them and their children.

He lived a hundred and ten years (Genesis 50:22)

He even saw the third generation (Genesis 50:23)

So we can see in the above verses Joseph is assuring his brothers that they will be taken out from this land and be taken to the promised land and he also took an oath that when they were taken to the promised land his bones must be carried with them out of Egypt.

We can see that Joseph knew that the Israelites gonna suffer for a while by the Egyptians and also that they would be taken out of that suffering so he is commanding them to take his bones out of Egypt along with them.

Now you may ask if Joseph knew about their suffering already why wouldn't he warn them about it?

It's a simple answer if they were told about it priorly will they be in that place? Obviously, they would fly from that place hiding somewhere so Joseph did not tell them about all this but assured them that they are gonna get aid from God the Father.

We can see here that Moses took the bones of Joseph even after 400 years still his word was not neglected and got implemented.

God's oath is implemented even if that is for hundreds of years 

Here we can see that even if it was for 440 years they did not bury his bones at some random place but they buried him at the place where Jacob bought the land from the sons of Hamor, the father of Shechem for a hundred pieces of silver and we can see that land became the inheritance of Joseph's descendants.

So here we came to the conclusion of Joseph's history

We can see that, there are many similarities between Joseph and Jesus Christ because of how Joseph was traumatised by his brothers (beaten, sold) the same way Jesus Christ was also traumatised by the Israelites (even they sold and beaten him) but how Joseph gave hope like that even Jesus Christ promised that He will take us to heaven.

So let's wait patiently in Him✨

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